Devastated by Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight departure? So are we.

1. Barefaced

JP Barefaced

2. Amused

JP Amused

3. Surprised

JP Surprised

4. Appalled

Jeremy Paxman

5. Exasperated

JP Exasperated

6. Derisive

JP Derisive

7. Plotting

JP Plotting

8. Flirtatious

JP Flirtatious

9. Jaunty

JP Jaunty

10. Operatic

JP Operatic

11. Interpid

JP Intrepid

12. World-weary

JP World-weary

13. Indignant

JP Indignant

14. Feisty

JP Feisty

15. Pensive

JP Pensive

16. Pleasantly surprised

JP Pleasantly Surprised

17. Converted

JP Converted

He may no longer be gracing our screens of a Wednesday eve, but Mr Paxman is still a Penguin. Find out more about Great Britain’s Great War, out now in paperback.

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