It’s 2015! Allow us to welcome you to this sparkling clean and unspoilt new year. Traditionally, this is the time to make changes – and this year, we’ve resolved to make a resolution that we know we’ll enjoy.

We love books. You love books – either that or you’ve gravely mistaken the subject matter of this blog. So we have a proposal for you. Let’s make 2015 the year of reading a little more and a little better. We have just the thing to help you finish the books you’ve always meant to read, and discover a few that you never knew existed: something that we like to call Penguinspiration (or as social penguins would have it, #Penguinspo).

Whether you want to read one book a month, or more than one a week, we’ll deliver regular hand-picked and personalised recommendations of books that we know you’ll love – not to mention gentle encouragement, witty repartee, and a few exclusive experiences – straight to your inbox. With a little help from a certain black and white and very well-read friend, your ‘to read’ pile will be utterly irresistible for the rest of the year.

To get started, just tell us your number for 2015 and what sort of reading floats your boat. We’ll do the rest.

Sign up to Penguinspiration here and we’ll give you a couple of excellent recommendations to get your reading year off to a flying start.

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  1. […] where I blog about all the books I have read across the course of the year. It’s inspired by #Penguinspo – a reading challenge with suggestions and targets – run by my good friends at Penguin. I would […]

  2. Reblogged this on Book Intoxicated and commented:
    Penguin has been coming up with some clever ideas to engage readers. I particularly enjoy this concept because it brings the publishers to the readers, which is extremely important. There seems to be too large of a disconnect between publishers and readers. I am glad to see they’re taking the initiative to change that. Plus, I’ve always loved getting recommendations from people because it’s that individual gauging my taste, but also giving me a bit of theirs. Then whenever I look at that novel (if I’ve read it), I’ll think of him or her. It’s a piece of that individual to you.

  3. Ten this year with, even though I help my daughter with my 3 Grandgirls… I’m going to make the time to sit and read more.,.

  4. I’ve signed up for this, but not received any emails? Please could you advise. I think this is a fab idea and very excited to get started!

  5. […] you haven’t stumbled across it, you can fill out a short survey here, where you’ll choose whether to read 12 books, 30 books, 50 books or a whopping 80 books in […]

  6. […] signed up to the Penguinspiration emails via Penguin books (you can read more about this here: and have committed to reading 30 books this year. To run alongside this, I’ve also made a list […]

  7. I’ve lost my Penguinspiration reading list email from March. Is there anyone I can contact to have it resent to me, please?


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